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Somehow this turned into a slight TW: depression BS post as I typed it.

Man, I posted for ideas on my cosplay like a hundred years ago.


My mental health is in the toilet, not sure how forthcoming I’ve been about that around here! But my brain is trash, and I didn’t start my cosplay in earnest until, umm, tonight. I gathered a lot of materials, and then I played a lot of Two Point Hospital and watched a lot of TV and let a lot of dishes go unwashed, and have been going on a number of inadvisable dates with a person who will not be good for me in the long run. But in the short term, an embarrassing amount of PDA in a bar is a nice distraction from my own bullshit.

BUT seriously, cosplay. I want to have this done for my trip to FlameCon in August, so I’m finally getting my ass in gear. Maybe it’ll be good for me to have a project with a deadline lol. Or it’ll send me into an anxiety spiral. It’s cool. I’m good. We’re working on it.

So I convinced a couple of friends to wrap me in duct tape. We made an evening of it. Hung out, ate cheese, drank wine, and they helped me make a bust form by giggling and wrapping me in tape, so now I have an uncomfortably real shoulder duplicate on my now finally accessible work table.


And I’m starting on a wire frame collar. It’s... finicky. It’s hard to get the shape right, so I’m going to be adjusting it a ton as I go. It might have helped to buy the fancy costume wire instead of, um, lol, a spool of 16 gauge “multipurpose wire” at Home Depot, but this is the bed I’ve made for myself. And it seems like I’ve got a nice start on it, and it’s fun to start to see it take a 3 dimensional shape.


I spent a day checking thrift stores to no avail, zero coats of any kind. Later I was trawling the interwebs for whatever might be around, and I happened upon these military surplus cotton jackets. I got 4 of them in a pack for $15. I couldn’t have bought fabric and made a jacket from scratch for that! They were blue, but I got some orange Rit dye for a couple of bucks and dyed two of them in the sink, and they came out almost completely black. I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to neutralize the blue, so this is kind of perfect. One will be the base jacket, and the other will provide matching material for the bottom of the collar, and whatever other scrap fabric I may need. And I’ll still have two jackets for whatever other project may call for them in the future! $15. Fantastic.


Other than that, I’ve bought some cosplay-grade dense EVA foam that’s supposed to be amazing for belts and straps and such, and easy to mimic leather with. I’ve bought some snaps and fasteners. I have some old gray jeggings that I’m going to rough up, and I’ll have to buy some boots at some point. I have a pattern I’m going to modify for the vest piece, a friend is going to help me with that. Vogue VP943. I spent hours trying to find something, failed, and when I sent some images to her, she found the pattern in minutes. She’s a magical Pinterest fairy, I swear to god. It’s an old pattern, but I found it on eBay for a few bucks. I’m not going to be tallying up my costs for this project LOL, they add up and I don’t particularly want to know.

Not sure what I’m doing for the gloves yet. I have exciting plans for fluorescent paint on a stocking for siren tattoos, and I ordered a blacklight LED strip to put on the inside edge of the coat to make them glow :3 There are exciting things here, I just have to finish them!! Starting was daunting, but I don’t think it’s impossible yet :p

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