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Cosplay update!

So I haven't been around much (from doing cosplay building for basically 3 months straight aaaaa) and I hope this doesn't come across mega self-promoting or anything but people have occasionally seemed pretty interested in my cosplay stuff so I thought I'd come back from my hiatus to say that my new build is done at long, long, loooong last :D These photos are all from GenCon, my favorite 4 days of the year.

Our outfits are from Warhammer 40k, and it's my 2nd time making this costume (also my profile pic for GT!). When I was in high school I worked at a gaming store and when I first saw the Warhammer 40k Witch Hunters codex book, I fell in instant love with the Sisters of Battle. They are BIG. Tall, broad shoulders, big hips. As a person who had formerly been a real anime fan I felt like I saw myself and my body shown for the first time. My mom has terrible drawings of these women that I'd done hanging up in her basement. Basically, this costume is my dream costume and I'm just so happy to have redone it from my original good but not great build.


Left guy is my husband as a tech priest, right is my best bro as an inquisitor

This guy had a tattoo of me on his arm! haha


Full body shot here, I think I might add some more gold in the ankle region for balance :D

Here's me, the husbo, and our lady bestie from 2011 :) Still very proud of this costume but extra glad to have redone it because it's rough in a few areas and it was extremely uncomfortable! Only reused parts were the red fabric pieces and the gun.


Again, I hope this isn't a weird post because I have really, really not been around much lately but I partially wanted to share because I feel that cosplay can be so positive for women. I never in my entire life liked my body until I started cosplaying. It's hard to quantify how sincerely good it is to see a photo of yourself and think, for the first time, that you are beautiful.

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