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Costume Assistance Please!

Mr. Changed and I are always invited to this awesome Halloween party thrown by my uncles every year, and every year we have had to decline because we had no one to watch the kids. Well, this year we finally got a sitter! I get to go participate in some debauchery with my family minus children! Yippee!

But we are terrible at costumes. Awful. I was Anna Nicole for like 3 years because I had a wig.

So I want to do an interesting costume on the cheap. And it has to be kinda easy, because the party is tomorrow.


I was thinking of stuffing several pairs of tights, sticking them on a black dress, and flaming up the makeup, to go as Ursula the Sea Witch, and maybe having Mr. Changed dress in a green body suit as a seaweed soul.

But GT has the best ideas, so I thought I'd crowd source from your genius.

Pics help too.


ETA: as expected y'all kicked ass on the suggestions. As per gertruderises and laladeadly's suggestions, we will be going as Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam.

Groupthink is the best. I'll post pics tomorrow or Sunday.

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