Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Oh, you crazy kids. So, I'm doing the Daily Dump today and of COURSE I want to feature everyone who posts a costume pic. However, I also am going to have to hand out candy to a horde of hooligans at about 6 pm, EST. Therefore, here's what you do (and please spread the word in other comments!!): Make sure you hashtag that shit. Add "Costumes" at the bottom tag section, and I'll link to the entire hashtag at the end of my Dump so we can all take a gander.

Sound good? Go forth and spread the word. And thanks to Carveitlikeapumpkin for the idea. You're a genius, YOU.


Not Pictured: Myself dressed as Power Cat. Who is Power Cat, you ask? My imaginary friend. I was 8. There was a single rainbow toe sock involved, an old-timey hat with veil, a bathing suit, a fake tail and some cat make-up. It was truly the Halloween of Sorcia's Psychotic Break with Reality.

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