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Couches, Cooches and la cucharacha.

Firstly, someone talk me out of a papasan couch. I need a new couch, but my dogs are filthy destructive beasts( my dog is an ultra rescue, like the litter was taken away from a mama dog who was literally starving and I fostered him and bottle fed him while she recuperated, got back to a semi healthy weight and ended up keeping him. He was probably weened a little too early, his go to nervous tic is a weird nursing chewing on fabric. We keep him in chew toys and soft cloths for him to “nuk” on, but he love loves the corner of our couch.) So with these destructive stink beasts we \have roaming the house, we don’t want leather/suede expensive furniture and I desperatley want a papasan couch even though I am not a college student anymore. Do you have a papasan? love it, hate it?

Secondly, I had to not read the anti AC article. Bitches, it is so hot here my labia is sweating. My. Labia. A/C is the only definitive proof I have of a benevolent deity.


Thirdly, I work with dead folks for a living. it is my calling and my passion and the way I give back to the world. Dead people can sometimes be gross (smells, and ooze and pee and poop and yes, maggots) and I take all of it with equal aplomb and try and treat every decedent with the same level of dignity and care. But we were working on a found dead gentleman (mostly intake procedures), and a cockroach (!!!!!???!) crawled out of his mouth and I fucking lost it. I cannot deal with them, and felt like a big whinybaby.

Hows everybody else’s Friday?

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