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Just got back from the urgent care because I’ve been struggling to breathe the last couple of days. I have non-allergic rhinitis. Which means i can stick my face in all the fur babies and sniff all the flowers. But a couple of days of over 90 degree weather, coupled with bad air days and AC puts me into a purgatorial combo of post-nasal drip and coughing. Which means I start puffing on my inhaler like fish out of water. Nooo fun!

Luckily, SCIENCE!!! I’m on steroids and they sent me home with one of those fancy nebulizer machines and some good albuteral. This combo has worked in the past, but at the expense of my sleep and i got, um... weird. So if I start posting weird stuff here, feel free to tell me to get off the internets and go play with my yarn. Luckily, i’m only the steroids for five days. On a positive note, i have key lime in the fridge to eat for breakfast tomorrow, cuz that’s how i roll!!

Here’s a pictorial representation of what I looked like at the urgent care place tonight. So, any other asthmatics here??


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