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Could I Have Worded This Better I Think I Was Spot On tw abortion, Trump







My cousin came over, she is early 60s. She brought onion soup, I already ate so will eat it tomorrow.


So she was talking to us. She said she went to mass yesterday and the priest was talking. What priest said was an internet myth but really did not want to explain. My blood pressure was rising.

The priest said that if a couple wants a baby the doctors will do everything to keep a premature baby alive if the couple does not the doctor will let the premature baby die.

She even said  if premature is “deformed” they will put the premature baby in windowsill to die. Now I am unclear about if the priest said the windowsill part or if its from another source. She is known to segue.

My mother asked something and my cousin went back to how the priest is against abortion and how you must vote to end abortion.


At this point I had enough. I simply said “Let me get this straight this priest believes abortion is more important then racism and misogony”.

Beyond “hi” “let me grab bf and gf” and “so we will go to your brothers house for Thanksgiving”. That was only substantive thing I said.


My mother said after she left “I was very pleased you said this but it sounded accusatory, you could have asked it as a question”. Me: “I was also displeased she would put stock in what a fetus worshipper has to say especially how she later said she was undecided who to vote for”. My mother said “she was being polite, she must have seen the Hillary sign out front, I am sure she is voting for Trump or she would have said she was voting for Hillary”.

Should I have worded it as a question. To put it bluntly I stand by what I said.


Her brother is serving ham and turkey. It will be us four. Their brother died two years ago, their nephew died shortly after. Their nephew’s son my understanding he comes around only when he wants to borrow money. My cousin’s brother has essentially stopped paying his nephew’s son college fees when he found out he was doing marijuana.  The nephew died from a drug overdose at about 40. My cousin’s brother who died it was a heart atack after working all day, the day after Christmas.

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