wtf is up these days with women having multiple wedding showers? How is this a thing? Whyyyy, whyyyy?

So, everytime a discussion about weddings comes up, there's always mention of some people having multiple wedding showers. I've attended a fair number in my lifetime, even some super crazy elaborate ones that were so big (60+ women, and I'm not joking) that they were catered in a hall. But there was never more than one. If you couldn't make it, no biggie! We'll see you at the wedding!

It was also not seen as a "faux pas" to not send a gift if you were invited to a shower. You only had to bring a gift to events you attended. And since when do people have to bring gifts to a bachelorette party?

I know a lot of women who just flat out refused to have a shower, because they thought that it was useless since they already had everything they needed. Another trend (which I think is the best one) is the "no gift" or "small gift" shower. So, for one, we had to write out a funny memory or story about the bride (which was great for those of us who couldn't attend, because we could still be a part of it). For another, we had to bring a jar of our favourite spice (which was also awesome). These showers were laid back and the brides confessed that they would have felt really weird opening random kitchen stuff in front of people. A good friend of mine had a typical shower and she's quiet and doesn't like bringing attention to herself, I thought she was going to die of embarassement :-/ Her shower was still lovely because it was a tea party hosted by her Mom and her Mom's best friend (who brought clotted cream)


So wtf is the deal? If you have to have more than one shower because of location issues, then the people living in those locations should throw/pay for them. It's completely ridiculous to expect the bridesmaids to shoulder all the responsibility (they have to organize ONE shower, that's it). Also, lingerie parties? I don't know about other people, put I don't need my friends buying me panties and teddies. Plus, whatever happened to that one "wild and crazy" aunt who'd bring the one gift of lingerie to the bridal shower? Or bringing a gag gift of lingerie (cheap from Walmart!) to the bachelorette unexpectedly? I've done that, it was hilarious.

Even the crazy huge showers (for Greek relatives or friends) having MULTIPLE showers was a no-no because it would seem like a gift grab. And for those weddings, there were definitely brides that were difficult.


So how to curb all this? It seems like the only people that would expect this of their friends are just, frankly, really shitty and inconsiderate people who need the spotlight. There are limits, and people really need to start saying "no" to all these shenanigans. One shower (or multiple with different guests, no expectation of the same people hosting them), one bachelorette, an engagement party where there is NO expectation of gifts, and the wedding. Cripes on a cracker, what is wrong with people?