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Could you not?

Aside from the fear, the other thing my Facebook is currently full of is, idk what to call it, “look at me allyship?” and it’s rubbing me the wrong way.

Posts by mostly white men and some women apologizing for the results last night and saying that if women, POC, LGBT, etc need help that they are there for them.


That’s great and all, but where were you when your friends and family were deciding how to vote? Where were you before when we’ve needed help, when we needed phone bankers, supporters, defenders, bodies at the rally and voices? Why the fuck do you think I’d call you now? Why would I think that you’re the one who’s going to put work in now?

But we know what it really means. “Hey, don’t forget I’m one of the good guys.” Yeah, we know dude. Could, like this maybe just not be about you for one fucking day? Could you not?

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