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Counselor at my College

Well meaning I'm sure, but, uh....I ain't too sure about some of this advice.

I've been a pretty big wreck for a couple of days, and I can't get in to my regular therapist until next week (we've been communicating, but distance and $$ prevent me from going in for a session immediately) So, I went to my morning classes then stopped by the counseling center to speak with one of their on-staff LPCs.

It felt good to sit down and talk out loud with somebody not directly tied to me or the situation about all that's gone down, but this woman also told me in no uncertain terms to ask my primary care doctor for an rx for Klonopin (!!!!) and to see if he'd up the dosage in my anti-insomnia meds to help me deal with the stress. (double !!!!!!) I'm already groggy on what I currently take. I can't imagine taking more. I guess I'm not sure exactly what I expected to hear from her, but it certainly wasn't that. Damn. This was AFTER telling her that I've never had a good experience with true anti-depressants/anti-anxiety drugs.


I also told her that I've got living arrangements for the next 2 weeks, but will have to find accommodations elsewhere following that. I've got two solid fallback plans: stay with MomFace, or with another friend, but they are both roughly an hour each way from campus. Crappy, but do-able for 5-6 weeks until the semester ends, I can also try to get a job in between midterms and start holing away for an apartment now. So, the counselor told me I should talk to the career center about becoming a live in nanny. This is just sort of bizarre and funny to me, but I know nothing about nannydom....is this something that prospective nanny-seekers do, reach out to local colleges? At any rate, I have zero experience with it and/or kids in general. Don't people usually go through an agency for this sort of thing? Just, all around...wtf? My other option according to her is to sleep at the YMCA.

I just...yeah. I mean, da fuq? I get that it's a community college, but this lady has a Ph.D on her wall. I think I'll just wait to go back to my super awesome regular therapist.

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