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Welcome To The Bitchery

I just realized that it’ll be only about two months until I’ll have the keys to my own place. At the moment it’s more like Nooo, another two months!, but it’s actually quite amazing that I finally did it.
The BFF and me had a talk with her landlady, rent is insanely low compared to what I get, commute is ten minutes by bike and I’m so looking forward to living in the same house with the BFF. It’s like having a roomie without every single disadvantage. Also, we’re both introverts, so the concept of enjoying the company of others and needing serious alone time to recharge isn’t something I’d have to explain or fight for. She needs her alone time even more than me.
Moving will be very easy, because she’ll sell me her kitchen (I’m getting her flat and she’ll be moving downstairs) and her washing machine, so I don’t have to think about that, plus especially the kitchen is very nice and not a built-in kitchen. I hate those sooo much. Since it’s a rooftop flat I’ll have to work around the pitch of the roof (this sounds weird, but it’s what dict.cc tells me is the right expression?), but the flat itself has a great layout and is big enough, so I’m okay with it. All my paintings’ll get a place and there is space for pictures, too.
It’s so much fun planning everything, what furniture to get in addition to what I already own, how to arrange it, etc. And it’s actually the mundane things I’m looking forward to: a seperate bedroom and a bed that is not serving as a couch for visitors, seperating waste properly (I feel extra German *coughs*), walking around in underwear, a bathroom that’s not occupied when I want to use the toilet, being a slob or an extra tidy person whenever I want to, total reign over the refrigerator and kitchen supplies in general and if I’m out of vital things it’s my fault, no unexpected visits when it’s least convenient aka the night before an early shift, not having to share the washing machine, not having to share anything, icky stuff is my icky stuff, decorating everything 100% to my liking, no one is judging me but me, being 100% sure I’m alone whenever I walk into the flat.
I hope everything’s finished before Christmas, because I’d love to invite the family over, but it all depends on finding a couch I like and getting it delivered in time. The couch is actually the most important new furniture and it has to be perfect. I’m thinking about a modular one, because it’s the easier way for having an xxl sofa that is exactly to my liking.
The other BFF and me where talking about it yesterday, how it’s easier for me now than it was for her (she moved out when she was 19), beause I can afford nice things and I’m old enough to have grown into or out of certain notions or expectations. There won’t be a big ass TV and there won’t be a big ass computer (my dream when I was in my Midtwenties), because I realized that I don’t like living in a place that is dominated by tech and there is a reason why laptops and tablets where invented.
Also: I want this bureau, because it’s perfect, I’ll need a writing desk and I actually hate normal writing desks, because it makes a room look like home office. I don’t want my living room to look like a home office.


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