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Countdown to Pumpernickel

A month or so ago, the missus put in a request that pumpernickel be next up on the bread list. For a good while I was stymied by how hard dark rye flour was to find, but today two of these came in the mail, from a specialty mill in Oregon.

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So it is on for this weekend, prep on Saturday, bake on Sunday, or maybe if I'm motivated prep on Friday night, bake on Saturday. I'm doing some light research on the various schools of thought, traditional vs. new world, additives like coffee or molasses, yea or nay. I know we have a lot of experienced bakers here on GT, anyone have any experiences or opinions to share on the right vs. wrong way to pumpernick?

ETA: also, I have just discovered that the very name "pumpernickel" is a German fart joke:

The philologist Johann Christoph Adelung states that the word has an origin in the Germanic vernacular where pumpern was a New High German synonym for being flatulent, and Nickel was a form of the name Nicholas, commonly associated with a goblin or devil (e.g. "Old Nick", a familiar name for Satan), or more generally for a malevolent spirit or demon. Hence, pumpernickel is described as the "devil's fart."


This makes everything better.

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