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Couple hires Security for Wedding After anti-miscegenation group posts invite online

Mahmoud Mansour, a Palestinian from Jaffa, and Morel Malka, a Jewish Israeli are set to be married next week. Unfortunately, a Jewish group opposed to intermarriage between Jews and non Jews known as Lehava has gotten a hold of their wedding invitation and published it online, calling for protestors to turn up at the wedding.

Another group with similar leanings Yad L'Achim, has posted a blurred picture of the Bride on their Facebook page and urged people to encourage her to call off the wedding.


Lehava also runs a hotline for people to snitch on Jewish/Arab couples and Yad L'Achim also has created video telling young Jewish women that all Arab men are abusive and obsessive.

Right, because there's nothing obsessive or abusive about trying to get people to break up the wedding of a complete stranger because you don't like her choice of partner.

What a vile mix of racism and misogyny going on here.

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