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Couple things/ True Detective Question

I threw up in our building's elevator.

I didn't get a lot of sleep this morning and wasn't feeling so hot when i woke up around noon, i took my medicine with room temperature water and i immediately threw it up. I really needed to take my medicine so i ate 2 bites of amish potato salad and drank some ginger ale in order to take it. I kept the medicine down. Then fiance's parents took us out to a late lunch, it was really really good food. I started feeling hot and anxious while we were waiting on the check, i had to run outside in 39 degree weather without a jacket. Then i started feeling nauseous/needed to lay down but fiance's parents wanted to buy us some groceries. I told them i needed to be dropped off at home and fiance could shop without me. They dropped me off and as soon as i got into the elevator i smelled a strong cigarette smell (seriously FUCK whoever smoked in our fucking elevator) and i knew i was going to barf. I had a leftovers box from the restaurant with my salad in it, i threw the lid open and puked within a half-inch of overflowing the box. Somehow i stopped myself, ran out of the elevator, fumbled with keys and made it to the toilet. Now i am laying down and i feel 100% better. No i am not pregnant, don't even say that. I'm pretty sure that fiance's parents probably think that though... they wish.

I'm thinking it was the medicine/ lack of sleep combo, although i have felt really hot & nauseous lately so it could also be my implant BC.


Questions: Does anyone know where to stream True Detective tonight? Or can you stream from HBO Go? Also is anyone down to play CAH again tonight?

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