Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I very conscientiously set my course schedule for my last year of undergrad in the spring, but now a really cool course opportunity has come up. Dinosaur Paleobiology! Introduction to DINOSAURS!

Unfortunately, I'd have to drop a class in order to take this one, and that class would end up being Women's Studies (it's the only course I'm taking this coming semester that isn't part of my major or minor, plus it's a night class).


Pros to switching into the Dinosaurs class:

  • It would be cheaper
  • It's online, so I could do it on my (very, very) tight schedule (I'll also be working full time through September).
  • It's less intellectually and academically demanding (this isn't normally a good thing, but like I said, I'll also be working full time for a month this semester).
  • I've already taken a Women's Studies class, so this would be something different

Cons to switching into the Dinosaurs class:

  • Dinosaurs are cool, but I care about Gender Studies on a personal level
  • Gender studies will likely be more useful in my development as a human being
  • I have found science-based courses challenging in the past

HELP ME, GT (please).

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