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Coursera Question

Should I spring for the Signature Track?

I'm taking this free 6-week course, co-hosted by Northwestern University, called Content Strategy for Professionals. My company is a content marketing platform, so I'm hoping this makes me look more enthusiastic. I'm also hoping that it can give me any leg up at all in the wider market. While I'm saving up for a college course to layer on top of my degree, saving is slow business and it might be another year before I can even begin seriously looking at programs. I know it's a free course and I can only get so much mileage from it, but I need everything I can get. English degree + work history comprised almost exclusively of customer service jobs = no reason for anyone to look at my resume.


So I can do this 6-week course and it will be free and they'll give me a Statement of Accomplishment:

The Statement of Accomplishment is free. To earn it, you have to complete the MOOC by submitting the case study assignment and doing three peer reviews. The Statement of Accomplishment will have the Coursera logo, your name, the title of our MOOC and a brief course description.


(MOOC is what they call the course in general.)

OR I could pay $40 and go the Signature Track route

The Verified Certificate will be issued jointly by Coursera and Northwestern University. The benefits of earning this Verified Certificate are threefold: you will advance your knowledge in this important field, be able to demonstrate to your employer and others your enhanced professional qualifications, and earn a new verified credential to highlight on your CV or resume and social media networks.

The Verified Certificate will include a written statement confirming that you have completed this MOOC. It will also include your name, a description of the Content Strategy MOOC, my signature, and the logo of Northwestern University. In addition, your employer, colleagues, or others you designate can verify that you have earned this certificate by going to a unique Coursera web address (URL).


Do you guys have any insight here? Is it worth $40 to have "Northwestern University" on my resume? The cost is negligible, really, but if there's no point in spending it than I'd rather not. Thanks!


This is how I've been looking at the information page for the last 20 minutes.

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