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Job searching is the worst and I hate it. I especially hate cover letters and their formatting. I’ve finally written a cover letter for a job I REALLY want, and now I’m just trying to format. Except, when I list all my contact info in the top left, the date, and then all THEIR contact info, I’m like halfway down the page, and the actual content goes onto a second page.

So, dear GTers, in your excellent opinions, how do I get around this problem? I’m submitting online, uploading as pdf attachments. Can I leave out my physical address and the company’s contact info? I think if I did that I would be okay. So it would look like:

(123) 456-7890


Dear Blahbityblah,

Alternatively, I could include all the information but make that font smaller? ALSO, should I bold the contact info and date or anything?


How did I graduate without knowing this shit?

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