If job talk stresses you out I would suggest you skip this post. I still <3 you though.

I am graduating in May and am in the thick of a job hunt. I have been kind of sniffing around since September and I recently found about 5 positions I want to apply to, all at the same company. These jobs seem like they would be a great fit (they are all case manager positions at different half-way houses across Boston). I am pretty happy with my resume but it has been about 4 years since I have had to write a cover letter, since other positions I applied to explicitly didn't want them, and I am super freaking out. I have now read dozens of sites with different tips and tricks and it is getting to be too much.

So are there any cover letter tips you swear by or any that you think are garbage? I could really use some help...

ETA: Since a lot of people are asking: My field is prisoner re-entry