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Okay, so I know all of my posts fall into two categories.

  1. Hey, Did You Know That My Dad Died?
  2. Hey, Did You Know That I’m Becoming a Teacher?

This trend will not end with this post. I have nothing else going on, this is all I have to offer. I’M SORRY.


So, anywho, I’m entering teaching and I have a forearm tattoo.

I live in the Bay Area. Veteran teachers have advised me that it will be totally okay to show my tattoo when I’m established, but it’s best to keep it covered while everyone is getting to know me. (I asked when I saw a 60 year-old teacher’s gecko ankle tattoo peek out of her pant leg when she crossed her legs.) This is reasonable.

I want to slap 24 year-old me for not getting it placed so that it can be concealed by 3/4 sleeve tops. That lacked foresight.

Cardigans and blazers will be my jam for most of the time. I live in a climate that lets you wear those most of the year. Or I should be able to wear cardigans or blazers most of the year, but humans broke the weather and it seems like we’ll be getting real summers from here on out.


So, any tips for covering up tattoos? Do those tattoo cover-up sleeves work or do they just draw attention to it? Any experience with body makeup to hide tattoos? Should I buy the world’s widest arm cuff and use that? Give me more ideas.

It’s for the children, who should not have to be taught by an overheated hot mess Ms. AskimBenim.

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