Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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COVID anxiety

Obviously, I am anxious about the state of the world...health, economy, etc. Oddly, COVID is really ramping a very personal and mundane anxiety I have that I am just a boring person. The past few years have been nuts. Trying to make a failing marriage work, being miserable, to finally dating and enjoying my freedom. But now with all opportunities to socialize removed (and that’s been my main focus the last 12 months). I feel that I have a real dearth of hobbies and interests to occupy me, and I feel really insecure. The timing is good. It was time settle down a bit and save money and focus on myself in a more productive way. But damn I feel aimless. How was I filling all my time? Am I that boring and shallow? Anyone else feel this way? I still live with ex (tense) and I hope when I love on my own that I can relax and enjoy some solo pursuits...cooking, reading, hobbies? But I'm worried.


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