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Welcome To The Bitchery
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COVID vs Flu

Mexador got tested today after a few days of muscle aches, chills, slight trouble breathing, occasional elevated temps. His results will be back tomorrow or Saturday but he did test positive for influenza A or, as the doctor called it, “the bad flu”.

The doctor also said covid sometimes gives false positives for influenza A. So the best case is he has a mild case of coronavirus. Bad case is it is actually flu. Worst case is he has both.


I’ve been advised to occasionally check that he’s still breathing while he sleeps.

Honestly, I’ll be almost relieved if he has Coronavirus because at least I can shed this feeling of impending doom. I realized I’ve been treating him getting sick as a when, not an if. I’ve also assumed that if he gets sick, I’ll get sick, so I’ll probably go get tested tonight after (tele)work.

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