So I work in a very small office of 7 people. It's a staffing agency a married couple who owns it, their daughter who's taking over the business and 3 women who have been there all between 15-25 years. I'm 28, the daughter is 42 and everyone else is between 64-70.

I can't stand the woman who sits behind me, she is loud, she talks over people when they talk. She does everything loudly, chews, sips and talks on the phone. She just turned 70 so I don't think its unreasonable that she's losing some hearing and doesn't realize how loud she actually is. Her fiancee calls 7 times a day, (he's actually a very nice 72 year old man

She's not bad at her job but she makes a lot of mistakes and doesn't take responsibility for them. Also God forbid you have to teach her new software or a new method, she bitches about it for a week. In our business clients email whoever their contact person is, so when someone isn't in the office we all take turns monitoring their computer every hour or so. She always "misses" something or claims she couldn't reach someone. In reality I don't think she's monitoring the email or if she does she just doesn't want the bother.

I'm on Weight Watchers at the moment, my boss the daughter has been eating better and running every day. Today Bitchy co-worker starts talking about how hungry she is at noon. The following is our converstaion

BC: God I can't believe I'm so hungry already. Are you going downstairs (there's a little cafe in the building)?

Me: No I remembered to make lunch and I've got snacks for later.

BC: Well I guess I'll have lunch now, of course I only need to eat once a day and I'm good. It's so convenient. Honestly more people should train themselves to do that, its really just a matter of self-control.


Me: (Unable to resist) I don't know I usually feel better in the afternoon, having some carrot sticks or yogurt, it gives me an energy boost. Also when you were a Jenny Craig counselor years ago weren't people supposed to eat lots of small meals?

BC: Oh those people were pathetic and had no self-control.

Item: She got the job she has now, because another woman in the office went to her for Jenny Craig counseling.


Okay already I don't like you and now you're judging me, because I deign to eat more than once a day. It is freaking on now.