Hi friends! If you follow me on twitter (and if you don't you should: @moarcowbelle) you know I've been working my butt off at the fair. I thought I would share all the adorable and fun cow photos I took.

It was 14 days of caring for the best 16 cows from 7 farms around the state. Not only do the cows compete, but you also have to wash and milk them in the middle of the night so that you can give all sorts of fun demonstrations during the day. Regular milking demonstrations were 5 times a day, hand milkings twice a day. Hand milkings are the WORST. Getting a cow to let strangers pull on her teats for 25 minutes while surrounded my loud crowds of strangers and other fair noise without kicking any children in the face is a nearly impossible task. Oh and on weekends there are hour-long informational presentations followed by kids petting your cow.

Some of the cows had to compete (which takes a lot of prep work) up to three times throughout the fair. We also want to keep them healthy, and we were mostly successful. One cow had to small issues easily solved with antibiotics. There is constant interaction with the public, and on top of that I also gave 9 TV appearances, 5 radio interviews and two newspaper interviews. I wish I could share them but obviously they are completely doxxing. It's so weird to have people come up to you all day and say, "Hey! I saw you on TV yesterday!"

I'm so happy to be home with these cuddly ones and my own cows, too.

I'm decompressing by watching Sherlock, not wearing real pants, drinking wine and doing my nails. Having to be dressed to appear on TV, but in a farmer-like way, and also be able to deal with cow poop in the same clothes all day is tough. Let's just say I'm really sick of jeans and boots. I also was "co-managing" with my cousin. Which means he gets all the credit (yay sexism!) and I defer to him on everything because he gets really pissy otherwise. Poor guy didn't pace himself at all and hardly slept the whole fair. He texted me to say when he got home he slept 17.5 hours straight. We also all got a horrible hacking cough and congestion from either the germs of hundreds of thousands of strangers and/or living in dusty barns all day.

Did I mention I have literally no idea how much I will get paid for any of this? And that I used all but one of my vacation days for the entire year on it?

So here's some cute pictures of other people's cows.

My sweet girl Dawn. She was born at my farm but I sold her about a year ago. I was happy be re-united. She's spoiled brat now! We did all the hand milkings with her and she wouldn't hold her own head up. She made me hold it for her and scratch her the whole time. She was also on TV and the radio with me a few times since she was the closest thing to "my cow" there at the fair.

Sleepy Roxi


Our baby calf! She was so popular and such a sweetheart. We named her Firecracker because she was born on thed 4th of July.

And for another take on sleeping, Torino was straight-up EXHAUSTED by the end of the fair.


Dawn stealing hay from the neighbors.


Victoria's pattern was SO COOL. I wish she was my cow.


Victoria and Amy.

Reeba and Darla. They laid like this for hours, but it looks so uncomfortable.


Giving a demonstration, with beautiful Topanga in the front.

Impatient for their breakfast.


Topanga demonstrating impressive flexibility.


Trying and failing at taking a selfie with Victoria. I need longer arms.

Our grand champion in the huge fancy pageant for supreme champion. She didn't win, but it was still fun.


Darla using Reeba as a foot rest. She doesn't seem to mind.


This group of cows was just very touchy-feely! A three way sleeping pile.

Laying completely sideways and taking up as much spaces as possible. Jerks.



She chewed her cud like this for ages. I don't understand how you can chew while laying on another cow.