Crack the Case: Solve It #1 (Solved)

When I was in high school, my family had a game called Crack the Case. In fact, I remember playing it on Christmas at Denny’s with my mom and my best friend. He came over every Christmas to swap gifts and then we would do this kind of thing. My son grew up with this game and has, I am sure, most of the mysteries memorized.

Crack the Case was released in 1993 by Milton Bradley. To my knowledge, it was never re-released. CtC is a game with mini lateral thinking puzzles and the goal is to solve the puzzles as quickly as possible using only yes or no questions. I have used this game in classes when I try to teach logic.

Don’t Shoot! (Level: Easy)

The Case: A group of people are sitting around a card table at Nick’s house. Suddenly a man appears at the door with a pistol in his hand. He enters the house and fires two bullets at Boris, who falls to the floor mortally wounded. As the gun-wielding stranger stares at the body, Nick reaches into a drawer, pulls out a gun, and shoots him. On the way to the hospital, the intruder dies. Days later, Nick is arrested for both murders.

The Mystery: Why was Nick charged with the Murder?

Try solving this one! Ask yes or no questions and check through other comments to pick up clues.


ETA: I can only answer yes, no, yes and no, irrelevant, I don’t know, define what you mean by..., and rephrase your question.


Sabriel wins with Lochaber in a close second. The solution is below.