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It's a few days old - but Cracked has an article from the perspective of a male rape victim.

I've written some things about the subject before - and I can't tell you how glad(*) it makes me to see the subject being brought up other places, especially somewhere with an audience like Cracked.


I think Cracked did a really good job with this one (and overall, I'm happy with the tone they've taken towards feminism, rape, and that sort of thing over the last year or two). Listicle style posts have a way of spreading around that long form posts don't easily match.

This is covered in the same way I try to talk about it - in a way that tries to shut the MRA shitheads down before they get started and to frame it as a problem with our society and the male centric/masculine centric ideas that are so toxic.

The last few paragraphs of the post do a better job of summing up my feelings about this sort of thing then I've been able to do.

In a perfect world with perfect Internet comment sections, the following would not need to be said:

Articles written about the plight of female rape victims in no way detract from my own experience. Those victims deserve a voice and to have awareness raised about their situation. Likewise, this article shouldn't detract from what female rape victims go through. This is not a contest.

Contests have winners.

It is, in reality, entirely possible to feel sorry for more than one group at once. Pointing out that women suffer in one way is not the same as insisting men don't. Empathy is not a zero-sum game in which we're all competing for a limited resource. As a society, progress means becoming more empathetic to everyone, and if your knee-jerk response to a victim's heartfelt testimony is, "But what about MY group's suffering?" you're doing it wrong.

Well, I'm a male rape victim who has no problem acknowledging that men have dominated every position of power in the history of modern society — who do you imagine is responsible for creating a culture that ridicules men who cry, get overpowered by women, or otherwise assume a role normally inhabited by women? The Department of Justice isn't run by feminists — who do you think created the law that, until just recently, insisted that female-on-male rape was literally impossible? All of this ignorance, every single bit of it, stems from the same culture that thinks the harshest way to insult a man is to call him a woman.


(*) - As glad as one can be that this conversation has to happen at all, naturally

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