And it is really fucking good! Because all five are female.

I was just ranting to my boyfriend the other day how pissed I was that Marvel is releasing an Ant-Man movie and a fucking Guardians of the Galaxy movie before a female title. Guardians of the Galaxy features a talking raccoon as one of the superheroes!

Anyways, the article, written by Luke McKinney, really makes some awesome points, about how "[w]e have more green heroes than black ones, and that's not a color human beings are." He also writes "And now Ant-Man is getting his own movie. We're prepared to have the worst possible man before the most wonderful woman. We'd rather a hero famous for beating women than being one."


Which overlooked superheroes would you like to see get their own movie? Myself, I've always wanted to see more of Rogue, especially the older, badass version from the 90s.