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Cracked Just Had an Eloquent Article Explaining Sexism?

Let's summarize!

5 Responses to Sexism That Just Make Everything Worse:

#5. Not Thinking of It as Your Problem

"The point is that discrimination against any group hurts every group, whether it seems like it or not."


#4. Not Questioning Institutions

"There's seldom the consideration that maybe women as a group aren't doing some things because, like most of us, they fucking have better things to do."

#3. Misidentifying the Problem

"A bunch of men are making men comics, and the media calls that The Comics Industry, and then people ask what can we do about getting more women in there. Except the women are already here, you're just not putting the camera on them. When you take away the gatekeepers that govern creative industries, i.e., when people publish online, then you unsurprisingly find that some of the biggest names are women, and the scene is one without a huge gender imbalance."


#2. Telling Women to Cover Up

"Maybe it's because it assigns women the responsibility for dealing with the fact that assholes have decided that the female body = sex, and instead of addressing the actual problem, it's instead just PUT A SHEET OVER YOUR NATURAL SHAME. P.S. THINK OF THE CHILDREN."


#1. Nothing

"The response of choice of we who love avoiding confrontation (and comment section shitstorms). And so transgendered people continue to be disproportionately persecuted because not enough people are ensuring a supportive environment, and women continue to get chased off Twitter because not enough people are ensuring a supportive environment, and rape victims continue to not be taken seriously because not enough people are goddamn ensuring a supportive environment."


And what does Mr. Rountree say the best response to sexism is?

"Having zero tolerance for these absolute wankers."

I'm always so pleasantly surprised when the Cracked writers deal with more serious topics (how life is stacked against the poor, racism, profiling, etc). They seem to take a really good, circumspect and surprisingly liberal take on important issues...even if they're the same website that published "5 Hilariously Perverse Trends You Missed in Famous Artwork"


Read the article on sexism



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