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I knows you crafty bitchez are on here! Back in the long, long ago(when I was a teen-ager long, long ago) broomstick lace crochet scarves were the thing to make. pretty, and super easy. Then I went to college and straight up forgot that broomstick lace was a thing that existed in the world. Well, Napsauce posted yesterday about all her skeins, and mentioned lace and I was all "!!!" and I remembered that I am going to make my MIL a blanket and I thought broomstick lace would be a great, very pretty stitch to do that with.

Problem is- I've never done anything wider than a scarf. For large scale broomstick lace projects, should I get a mega long dowel, or make the lace in strips and then crochet them together? She's wicked allergic to natural fibers from animal sources, so any suggestions on yarn? I'd prefer nice acrylics, makes upkeep and care super easy for her(she has medical issues)


{picture yanked off http://occasionalcrafter.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/bro… for illustrative purposes}

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