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Crafters! What did you get done this week?

That's right, I didn't forget! It's time for us crafters to get off our collective asses and get some shit done! What did you get done this week? Post your pictures! Or read about what I did, THEN post your stuff!


My major accomplishments? First, I got my stash sorted out. It was living in two small bins and in random places on my desk. No more! It's now all tidy in one box! I even updated all of that on Ravelry, so I can keep track of what the hell I bought, and why.

I also frogged a sweater that wasn't going well. I tried to do the lace pattern without safety lines or stitch markers. It's just four repeats! The pattern is simple! HAHAH I AM THE STUPIDEST STUPID EVER. I don't think I had a single repeat that looked right. The lovely leaf pattern had become a kind of rorschach test. Was it a zig zag motif? Honeycomb? A drop stitch? Eyelet gone horribly wrong?

This is what happens when you drink and knit.


Second, I pulled out a sock that had been set aside for months. I'm not sure why. I already had sock number one done. I was down to the foot on sock number two. I could have had warm socks around my feet right now, but noooo. I had to start that stupid baby sweater right away rather than finish my project. You know, the one I just frogged.

I hate past me.

It's okay, though, because I finished the sock on Sunday, and now I have a pair of homemade socks!


Finally, I got a nice travel pack from Knit Picks. It's nothing fancy, but it has a strap for my wrist, a guide for my yarn, and enough room for sizable project. This has made it a ton easier to grab my project and go. For yarn people, I highly recommend it.


So, what did the rest of you crafters get done this week? Show us!

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