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Crafting Advice!

Well, Halloween is over and it is time to move onwards and upwards to the next costume endeavor (Mardi Gras!), and I need some advice or input from my craftier GTers, on how to best turn paper into something waterproof/fabric-y/more durable.

While my overall costume is a closely guarded secret, the general idea is that I am going to make a tutu-type skirt out of book pages. I need to be able to do something to the paper that will make it stand up a little more to the elements and not be destroyed within an hour of wearing it, but still lets the paper be easily work-able to make it in to the skirt (my first thoughts are that I will pleat it for volume and layer it to a central waistband or tube skirt). There will be a corset worn over it.


Thoughts? I’ve come across several - but seriously not as many as you’d think - pages online but none of them are doing quite what I want or I’m not sure they’ll have the output I want. The most promising ones deal with spraying the paper with acrylic spray or spray glue and letting it dry, but I’m worried about how workable they’ll be? Others actually work with multiple layers of paper to turn it into something fabric-y which won’t do what I’m looking for either, since the paper still needs to be somewhat starchy and this actually seems less durable. Mod podge has been suggested but I worry that’s too thick?

This is a new medium for me! Give me all your thoughts on any of it, oh crafty ones! I’m open to shape or construction suggestions too - one of my worries is that book pages are usually so small! I am at very beginning stages here too so I apologize if anything is unclear... although talking to yall will probably help make me sort out what I’m actually thinking.


In my absolute wildest dreams, the skirt looks like the skirt on this, but again.... totally open to more realistic ideas!

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