I - like many of you, craft. I mostly yarn craft; knitting and crochet, but I also do some glass etching. With so many craft shows happening right now during the holiday season; this year I got an invitation to join a craft bazaar for next year. It's not a *huge* one, but is biggish, about 75 booths. The buy in is invite only, and it costs 120 dollars for a table (with that money going to support a local high school drama club) and whatever you make, you keep. I'd love to participate, but I'm a big project maker, mostly blankets and those suckers are time consuming and the materials are not cheap- even when I use acrylics.

I'd like to try and participate, as an ex theater kid, I know how hard it is for them to get the money they need and I always support arts in schools. But, unlike the rest of the crafters- who are mostly retired or stay at home parents( not that stay at home parents don't work a crap ton, its just that they have more time at home to pick up and do a little bit here and there) I have a day job that I work upwards of 60 hours a week. So I can only really craft for maybe an hour or so a night plus whatever I can do on my days off.

As it is, I can knit blankets (and I make full size, bedspread style blankets) at the rate of about one a month, hats can be made in a couple of days and scarves again in a couple of days unles I'm doing a stranded/ fair isle style tube scarf which takes me longer; much longer depending on the chart in question.

As flattered as I am for even getting the invite; I'm honestly not sure I would be able to create enough items to stock a table and the pricing of those items would need to be high enough to recoup the cost of my materials and table. I want to try, just to prove to myself that I have acheived a high enough quality of work that it could be sold (if not at a rate with which to support myself) and also because it is a cause I find particularly worthy. I'm just worried about finding the "sweet spot" on pricing my goods- I.E. is 80-100 dollars too high for a hand knit full size blanket? Would people balk at 15-25 dollar scarves and hats, or 30- 50 dollar fair isle pieces? How much premium is allowable when it is hand made? I know Etsy lists some crazy prices, but those are also often crafters who have a large part of their income made through hand crafting.

So group thinkers, when it comes to the economics of crafting, where do you guys draw your lines in the sand art?