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Crafting Questions

I have a dresser that my sister used during her patchouli oil phase so anything you put on the top of absorbs that odor which is not a favorite fragrance of mine. (Also it creeps me out because the last time patchouli was anywhere near the dresser was more than 15 years ago and I have scrubbed the hellllll out of it so why you still stinky furniture?) I was thinking if I decoupaged fabric, or prints, or something over the surface that it would seal in the stank. Has anybody tried this before?

Also I have this awesome Liberty scarf that a client gave me and I love the print and the colors - it’s just that wearing it makes me look like a sick rat. I was thinking of framing it but custom frames are super expensive so I was going to do it myself.

I am relatively handy but not super crafty and would appreciate any tips or tricks so I don’t wind up gluing or stapling my hand to my boob or something equally embarrassing to explain to the ER staff.


If you have a crafting question feel free to share it below and hopefully some crafty GT’er will have the solution!

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