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​Crafting round-up: Show off for the new year!

Yes! It's Tuesday (and New Years Eve)! It's around lunchtime if you're roughly in the same timezone as me! And it's time to show off what you worked on this week, what you got done, and what you're planning on doing real, real, soon now!

Most of us should be out of holiday crafting hell by now. The only ones still in the thick of it are those who celebrate Kwanzaa, I believe. Be strong, friends! You only have one day left!


Did you see?

Did you see this kick-ass tutorial on cross-stitch? Go check it out!

What did I get done?

I made some gloves!


After I finished my mother's scarf, I sat down and decided I was going to do a project for ME. I had a bunch of fun things in my queue, after all, and already had the stash on hand to tackle them. Then, my husband sat down behind me.

"I, um. I'd like some gloves."

I turned and narrowed my eyes.

"It's really cold. And all the gloves in the stores are crap. And… you have yarn already…"


He then looked sad and cold and unloved and I realized I was a sucker because I had already turned back to pull up a pattern that I thought he would like.

To be fair, he adores them. He is insanely proud of them. He shows them off to people. "My wife made these. WITH NEEDLES." This is way better than my mother, who quickly glanced at the scarf I made her, then cooed for fifteen minutes over the hose we picked up as a last minute gift.


That's also why the gloves look cartoonishly big on my hands. They're a size larger than I would normally make for myself. I tried to get my husband to model them, but he had a fit of cuticle shame at the last minute.

A note to my husband

Yes, you got to watch me bang out a pair of gloves while you played Football Manager 2014. Yes, I explained a few techniques. This does not make you an expert in all things knitting. Please do not offer advice when I curse under my breath about dropping a stitch.


You are not the yarn whisperer. STAAAAAAHP.

A note about 2013

Look at all the stuff I got done! I'm actually really proud of myself! Most of this was made in the last quarter of the year. Personally, I'm crediting this series for me getting off my butt and finishing so much, so thank you, fellow GTer's!


How about you?

What did you get done? Show us in the comments! If you're a seller, don't be shy about posting a link to your shop.

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