Hi GT crafters! The esteemed crafter extraordinaire kcunning is on vacation this week, so I'm taking over today's crafting post. I'm only now trying to figure out formatting (thanks for the Monday helpdesk help, GTers!), so let's hope this is a success.

So, let's all sit on the floor in a circle for a little bit of show and tell!

What I got done this week:

I finished off my fingerless gloves, so now I have a full set of wooly warmth. I finished them during the polar vortex. Just in case you were wondering, no, fingerless gloves are not warm enough when it's -15 degrees Fahrenheit.


I also finished a pair of socks that I started shortly before Christmas. Usually I get through them a lot faster but I had other projects I wanted to finish first.


I'm such a sucker for sock knitting that I started another pair of socks that I've made three times before, this time I'm adapting the pattern so I can knit them from the toe up.


We'll see how long this pair takes me. I'd love to finish 14 pairs of socks in 2014, but somehow I think it might be more than that - I have enough sock yarn for probably 20 pairs right now and I can't stop buying it.

How about you?

So what did you do this week? Post your pics and projects in the comments below!