Sorry for missing last week, everyone! I was sick with the cold from hell. For a week, I laid in bed and oozed, praying for sweet release. My husband also tried to feed me liquid DayQuil, which tastes like devil's taint.

Anyway, we're back! Time to post what you started / worked on / finished / trashed this week!

What did I get done?

I am still working on the scarf of eternity.


I think I'm going to have to crank out a fast project over the weekend, just to keep my motivation going. Each row takes about ten minutes.

There are 480 rows.


I also found a neat project that I think we'll be doing while snowed in. Crayola lip gloss!


(from RookieMag)

Like, how awesome is that? Blue lipstick! Green lipstick! Grey lipstick!

I ordered all the supplies and we have a major storm coming, so you should see results next week!


How about you?

What did you do? Show us in the comments!