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Crafting round-up: What did you do this week?

Once again, it's time for the crafty people on Groupthink to show off what they did this week! It's time to cull our stashes and knock a few things off of Pinterest! I mean, come on, it was Halloween this week. I'm sure at least a few of you have costumes to share.

My accomplishment: I cast on Tanvi for my boss's impending baby girl.


Tanvi is a pattern from Knitpicks. It's not free, but it's so worth laying some money down for. I'm beginning to see the light when it comes to tossing a few bucks at a downloadable pattern. The ones I've gotten off Knitpicks have been hella organized, and it's usually obvious that they made it for more than once size, rather than knitting it once and trying to scale up and down through guessing.

Also, while books often publish errata, you usually have to mentally merge what's in the book, and what's in the errata. Problem in a downloaded pattern? They just update the PDF, and most places will email you to tell you there's an update.

That said, Tanvi is a pattern you need to read through once in order to get it right. There's charts and combo rows and more charts, and you jump around the pattern a bunch. I highly recommend sticky notes and row counters to keep track of where you are. The first time I tried this pattern, I lost track once or twice because I got cocky, and it became clear that this would show up in the finished product.


So, what did you do this week? Show us your finished object, or just post your progress! Or come to us with your shame and let us absolve you! And if you're on Ravelry, post a link to your account so we can paw over your queue and friend you.

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