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​Crafting round-up: What did you do this week?

Once again, it's time to show what you put on or took off your needles, hooks, easels, sewing machines, or stretchy things that you use for cross-stitch that also make really shitty frisbees.

Am I the only one that couldn't resist the sale last week at Knit Picks? I had been trying to stash bust (I only allow myself one Dröna [*] of space per craft), but damn, half-off already inexpensive yarn? HELL YES.


Poll results

I made Canadians mad :(

Also, I am not the only person who knits so that I can ignore relatives that like to drink Bud Lite and make comments about Barack HUSSEIN Obama and THOSE people who are so ENTITLED to their ENTITLEMENTS. I feel less alone!

This week's poll

I really like the idea of selling items to benefit the GT charity fund! So I'm polling for volunteers!


I know there's a bunch of details I would still need to iron out, but I'd like to know what sort of raw material we're working with first.


What did I get done?

Okay, so I was whining about my legwarmers on itty-bitty needles, but really, they went much faster than I thought they would! I think I need to stop rejecting projects on size 1 needles, thinking I'll never be able to finish them.


I ended up stopping at nine and a half inches, at the request of my daughter. She didn't want them to go up much past her knee, unlike the child mentioned in the pattern, who basically wanted her whole leg covered. I suddenly went from 30% done to 50%! Thank you, daughter!

And on Saturday, as I was wrapping up NaNoWriMo… I finished! The girl promptly put the legwarmers on her arms. Okay, fine. At least she's wearing them.


Yarn review: Plymouth Yarn - Stiletto in Rainbow

This yarn… Oh, this yarn. It gets some major liney face from me. See, it's pretty in the ball, but take a look at this color pattern.


Does that look like a rainbow to you? That is not the proper order, though all the colors are there. Due to how the colors fade into each other, you get streaks of fugly. They're not as noticeable in the finished product, but they're disconcerting when you're actively knitting. Also, there was bleed over, now and then, so some of the bands weren't clear. They ended up looking muddied. *sad trombone*


Happily, I didn't hit any knots, which was one of the bigger complaints about this yarn. Still, I'm not sure I'll pick this brand up again. It knit up okay, but the color quality bugged me, bling or no.

Your turn!

So, what did all of you get done this week? How are the gifts / shit-I'm-doing-for-me-screw-my-family projects coming along?


* This is the official unit of storage in the Cunning house, from cooking to booze to toys. If they ever stop making these, we will have no idea how much stuff we have.

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