It's that time of the week again! It's time to show off what you did in the past seven days with regards to your crafts. Start something up? Pick out a new project? Finish something? Make some progress? Give up completely? Share!

What did I get done?

I did a quick project from the Idiots Guide to Knitting. I felt like I needed a quick palate cleanser before I moved onto a mega-project.

The Spa Towel ended up being really pretty, even though it's just stockinette and seed stitch. The only hiccup I had was realizing that I can't print off just a page of an ebook. Screenshots and Amazon's Cloud Reader to the rescue!


I used Knit Picks CotLin, which may become my go-to for cotton projects. It's soft, it's easy to knit with, and comes in some rather pretty colors. Others have complained about the fuzz, but after using it twice, I haven't run into that.

Oh, and this pattern uses exactly one ball of CotLin. Here is all the yarn I had left once binding off. Yes, I was sweating a bit.


I also cast on for a mega project. I'm doing my first mystery knit-along!


I stumbled onto it just in time to pick out some yarn! I got the Zero clue done (this one just had the dates for the other clues, and a bit of the pattern so people could swatch). I'm doing it in laceweight and on slightly smaller needles, so, um, expect to see this scarf for a while.

How about you?

What did you do? Post your progress in the comments!

Oh, and a quick note: I leave for vacation for ten days, so the next two crafting posts will be automated. I'm not paying seventy-five cents a minute to blog from the boat :)