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Crafting round-up: What did you get done this week? (POLL!)

It's that time again! The holidays are drawing near, and there's no way in hell you can deny that, if you've promised to make a gift, you might want to get started. Or maybe you're already holed up for the winter, so you're hacking away at your Pinterest to-do board to keep the madness at bay.

Actually, quick poll:

Do you give homemade gifts for the holidays?


Also, we have a request for an official Groupthink craft / motif of some kind. Start thinking! I'll poll that next week.

Anyway, my progress: Tanvi is zooming along! It's a quick knit, even with the bits I screw up each time. My big error this time? Forgetting to add the extra stitch to the start of the lace part. Oh, well. I added it to the end, and it seems to be doing okay.

I really like the yarn. It's Knit Picks Stroll, fingering weight, and I've just learned that it re-knits quite well. Everything you see here was ripped out out of the first Tanvi, but you can't tell. I've had yarns before where, once you rip it out, you have to baby it in order to get it to knit it up like normal. I've dampened ripped yarn, hung it up to dry, used weird fiber relaxers… But with this, it was fine, even when still a bit kinky.


The only thing I don't know is how this stuff will wear. I'm suddenly worried, because it's wool, and though it's superwash, I'm worried about whether it will stand up to the crap that kids do.

And that's it for me. I hope by next Tuesday I'll have a finished object to show off!


Now, what did you all do?!

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