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​Crafting round-up: What did you make this week?

Yup, it's that time again! Time to tell us what you put on your needles and hooks, and what you took off! Share your paintings, your prints, your needlework, and whatever else had you gritting your teeth and cursing your crafty nature!

Also, this is your stress-inducing reminder that the holidays draw nigh. It is now less than a month until Christmas. Celebrate with a gift exchange on Hanukkah? Oh, wow. I have some bad news for you


Hey, at least there's a Knit Picks sale that you can use to drown your sorrows.

Results from last week! And charity idea!

Apparently, you people really want a brain hat. And can't decide on colors.

One really interesting suggestion was brought up, though: Selling items made by GroupThink crafters to fund the GT emergency fund. I like this idea!

To be honest, I'd much rather sell off something I made for charity than watch my family frown at it, asking why I didn't just pick something up at Target. Also, this might be a chance for someone to pick up something homemade that sells for less than a million dollars.

Who's in? I'd be more than happy to bust some of stash for charity!


Let's get to the poll for this week:


And now for my progress!

HOLY BALLS. I started one of my travel knit projects, casting on in the morning. That evening, I'd finished the first mitt. I've never had a project go that quickly! This will 100% be done by Thanksgiving, I thought! And guess what: I was right. Two days after casting on, I had two lovely fingerless mitts.


Pattern and yarn review

I really like this pattern. It's simple, it goes quickly, and it can work with pretty much any chunky yarn you have laying about. If you grab the pattern, note that there are two patterns in the PDF. I was confused for a second, since you usually either get a whole mess of patterns, or just one.


Also, it's free! Yay for free patterns!

This was my first time working with Misti Alpaca. I can now see why people go nuts over alpaca. I used to roll my eyes (especially at the cost), but man, this stuff is soft and lovely and gives me zero itchies, unlike wool. Oh, I love that the colorway is really consistent and doesn't have long streaks of ugly unlike some other spendy yarns that shall not be named *cough* Koigu *cough*


My husband, once I was done, felt the mitts and asked if I was going to make a sweater of the same material. I choked at the idea of owning a sweater made of that much expensive yarn. I think I'd go catatonic if I attempted to wear it out in public. I knew a woman who regularly wore $300 worth of yarn in public, and I assumed she was peppering her coffee with valium.

Travel pattern stuff

Finishing the mitts early does mean I'll be short a travel project, though. That's a good problem to have, but I'm now wondering if I should queue up another project behind it to take with me. Because finishing a chunky project on big needles totally means I'll be done with these socks on size 1 DPNs quickly, right?


I've cast on some leg warmers for my daughter. Naturally, they must be in a rainbow colorway and sparkle. Thank god for Plymouth yarn, who can deliver on both points. The pattern is simple, but it's on size 1 DPNs, so I feel like I'll be working on this until the girl is in college. I've already decided not to make them 18 inches long, and am opting for a more sensible 12 inches. I do not want to do 2x2 rib for the next few weeks.


Anyway, I'm thinking of making my dog a sweater to keep warm. This breaks my promise of not knitting anything not in my queue, and not buying any new yarn, but come on. Doggie is cold. Also, the pattern is super cute! It has K-9 on it! Yes, the Doctor Who one! Moffat may be on my list of people to push into lava, but that doesn't mean I can't geek out about the older episodes.

That's how I did. How did you do?! Post your progress, or just post a link to your Ravelry account so we can friend you!


(Oh, and if you run a shop and did stuff for your shop, this is your official request to include a link to where ever you sell your wares. Now you don't have to wait for us to ask!)

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