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Crafting roundup: Christmas Eve edition!

It's that time of the week again! Time to show off what you managed to start, work on, or finish! Since a good number of us celebrate Santa day somehow, there's probably going to be a ton to either show off or curse about.


How sick are you of holiday crafting? Because I am never knitting anyone anything ever again.


What did I get done?

My mother happened to witness me knitting on a scarf for someone else. This lead to her hinting that she needed a scarf to go with her new coat. A smart person would have told her to sod off, because you don't ask for a damn scarf for Christmas when it's already December and it's obvious that a person already has projects on their needles.

At that moment, I was not smart. I asked her what color she wanted. I am a sucker.

I did a mad dash to the local yarn store and was reminded why I hate going to local yarn stores. I mean, I like helping the local economy, and the selection is always fab, but these people are masters at the upsell. I grabbed a perfectly fine yarn off the shelf, but of course I left with two skeins of something completely different that were twice as expensive.


Anyway, this week I finished and blocked the scarf.


The yarn is Cascade Souk, and it reminded me strongly of Noro yarns, but without the knots and straw. They also had the long stretches of bleh colors. Can someone with more color theory than I have explain blocks of bleh to me?

Blocking really does some magic on this yarn, though. I thought it was crazy scratchy (but didn't care because I was out of time so therefore out of options). Blocked it? It's rather soft now!


I'm somewhat stunned that I got this done in a bit over a week (had I not ripped it out, it would have been done in exactly a week). I'm levelling up as a knitter!

So, what did you do?

Show it off in the comments, or post a link to your Ravelry account! If you own a shop, feel free to post links to it (we like to buy stuff!).

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