Craftus Interruptus

Because I do not know how to math, I cannot start my next project just yet.

Of course, this means I don't want to do ANYTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD, but I can't start until I have the correct supplies!

My project is this: cross-stitch. Unfortunately, the biggest black Aida I could find in the store isn't quite big enough to house all the stitches I will need to make. And I was REALLY surprised that the google did not turn up a lot of resources for black Aida or other cross-stitch fabric! Shocked, even. I did find what I was looking for at, a website that was apparently made in 1997, but I am now wondering: where do y'all get your stitching/sewing/crafting supplies?

Around here, we have Michael's, but their needlework selection is limited, plus they keep trying to steal my credit card data. There is also A.C. Moore, but the nearest one to me is at least 10 miles and a pain in the ass to get to. Jo-Ann Fabrics is even WORSE, plus the two I am familiar with always look like they've just moved in or are about to move out. Bomb sites, both of them.

We used to have Rag Shop, which was awesome, but they went away. Sad face.

What about you?