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So. The Boy Heathen makes infinite jests about this- so I'm handing it to y'all. Who here gets debilitating (not really, but kind of) worries about hand made objects the are hand making for other people? I'm currently making my mom a knit blanket with cables. I just finished a cabled blanket for the MiL. The entire time I was knitting for the MiL I lamented over the color, the size, the pattern. The only reason I didnt scrap the whole thing is that BH literally refused to let me buy new yarn. And he <i> never </i> does that with finances. We share a bank account and talk to each other about purchases, but very very rarely completely kibosh a spending. He told me after my last cast off he was afraid i would just get stuck in a yarn k hole and never finish anything for her. Now that I'm working on my mom's- same thing. I don't think it's big enough (cast on 100 stitches in super bulky. It's about 50 inches wide, which is big. Right?) And I just love the color but don't think it's right for my mom.

Do you guys do this? Do you worry and second guess all your craft decisions? What do you guys do to gain crafty confidence?


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