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Crafty people: Whacha doing?

I’ve been on a crafting TEAR, mostly to gear up for Me-Made-May. I’d love it if I could actually do this challenge and not be naked before day eight.

Yesterday, I finished sewing a dress that ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A REAL DRESS. No weird hem, no unfinished edges, no places where I screwed up the seam.


I actually worried about how it would come out at first, because Mr. Cunning was with me when I picked out the fabric and he was obviously in a rush to get to dinner. I grabbed something with nearly no stretch, and the pattern called for a good amount of stretch. It worked out, though! I think the end garment is a bit more formal and ‘office-like’ due to the fabric choice, which suits me just fine, as that was a hole in my wardrobe.

Still, lesson learned: Tell Mr. Cunning to stay in the car next time.

What is everyone else doing?

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