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Craigslist Non-Dating: The Cases of The Frustrated

I've posted an ad for friends in the romantic section on CL (I know that's not its intended purpose but the messages I get are certainly interesting at times). I'm doing this mostly because I'm moving and don't think it's smart to start something when I will be done. I had originally done this in the platonic section but don't get as many responses.

Given the events that have unfolded recently, I'll probably take it down soon.

However, here are some guys who are just frustrated with me and/or the Craigslist Industrial Complex:

I'm pretty sure I've responded to your ad before.
And I can't figure out why you never responded back.
I'm in to a lot of the same things you seem to be in to.

Any way, this is me trying to say hello one more time.
Excuse the blah emotion but this shit is lame and very demotivating.


This guy has messaged me like 4 times, once for every time I renew the ad...He and a few other people (probably bots) continue to message me over and over. Their e-mails have been sent to spam.

send pic and number if this is real ad and not another cam site bullshit ad:)

He attached a shirtless pic of himself where of course, I can't see his face. Pointless for me. I never understood this concept of sending shirtless pics or pics of dicks. Eh...

Just to make sure this is real, the World Cup is going on right now. Who do you think will win? I can send pictures through my phone upon request. Im 5'11 and Im a good looking 8 with age of 27, so please no games.

P.S.- not interested in going into a verification website so dont bother telling me to do so, i think its just spam.

Change is Good!!

Ok then, I won't send you my verification website! I wanted some hits too but oh well. :(


Share your messages you've gotten lately?

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