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I posted this story in a comment last year on Jezebel, but this story on Gawker about an ad for a live in naked dude inspired me to retell it. I'll add some commentary this time.


True SF Craigslist story: I lived in SF for six years, left for two after a bad break up, and recently made my triumphant return, with a good job and money this time. I wanted to live in the city but decided to check out Oakland too. One of the people that responded to my craigslist add was a guy that sent a picture of himself in a sweater vest with no shirt on underneath. He explained that he had a cabin in his back yard that he would rent to me. He said he was a "gay dad" and he already had a couple other guys living in the house. I decided to check it out.


[Here is the original email response I received to my ad "$1000 27 y/o Professional Looking for Room": "Hi XXXX,

I have a room in my house for $650 and a cottage for $850 in my back yard for rent. I am a single
gaydad. I also have a 20 yo French student and a 25 yo American that live with me.
Let me know if you want to share or not.
We are in a nice part of Oakland by the Rockridge BART station on Chabot Rd."


Nothing out of the ordinary yet, and the price was great, so I checked it out.

The guy was friendly and referred to himself as a "gay dad" a few more times which made me think maybe he wasn't just a dad that was gay. He introduced me to the other guys, which he called his, "American boy," and his "French boy." He got me a beer and left me with the boys while he helped is daughters with homework. They ignored me, one texting on his phone the other playing video games. I eventually engaged them in a conversation about Skyrim, and worked to, "So, how do you guys like it here?"

"Its okay, I guess," said American boy.

"You know what this is, right?" said French boy, lowing his controller with a sly grin on his face. I was starting to understand. I was going to ask but NO JOKE right then the guy walked in and wanted to show me around the house. FUCK.


Whenever I tell this story that part feels like I'm spicing up the story for dramatic effect, but it went down exactly like that.

He introduced me to his daughters who were in their early teens and couldn't be less interested in meeting me. He showed me the room he had devoted entirely to a model train set. He showed me the living room that had climbing harnesses hanging from the rafters that I was afraid to ask about. He eventually showed me the cabin, and that was fine. I was desperate for any place at this point because I had been sharing a bed with one of my friends for a month by now. I figured if I could hide out in the cabin like a hermit this situation could be cool.

He then took me to a spot where he wanted to build a hot tub. It was rocky with not a lot of solid ground, so we ended up having to speak chest to chest in this area while we stood on the same flat rock.

"I wanted to ask you something," he said, "how do you feel about nudity?"

"Uh, okay, I guess." I'm actually fine with nudity in most situations but this was an uncomfortable conversation when we are so close we can touch each other with our dicks.

"Oh good, that's a relief. I just wanted to make sure you are cool with that. Sometimes I like to hang out naked on the weekend when the girls are away. And I didn't want there to be any weirdness if I walk in on you in the shower or you walk in on me." I thought to the cabin which had its own bathroom, and wondered what sort of scenario would have him accidentally walk in on me over there. I told him I'd have to think about the place and quickly left.

He called me later and said he and the boys had talked it over and they thought I would be a good fit. I lied that I had already found another place. A week later I really did.


I got a few more stories like these that I think I'll share in the next few days.

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