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ETA: I'm not asking too much! He is packing and was fine with disassembling as well as showing me how to assemble it. In exchange I offered to give him a bunch of moving boxes I've been keeping in storage. Woohoo, internet strangers being nice to each other!

ETA 2: Apologies for my haphazard layout, I just needed to get most of this junk off of my breakfast bar, but look how well it fit!


Am I asking too much?

So after my kitchen post the other day, I decided to lurk Craigslist to see if I could find a wire rack for all of my pots and pans. And luckily, there was this baker's rack on sale for $40 from someone who didn't have space for it.


I talked the guy down to $30 and I'm willing to drag my sick self out of bed to pick it up. But I also asked him if he could disassemble it for transport. It looks like the exact same model as this one that retails for $70 on Amazon, which requires no tools to assemble. I haven't gotten a response back so I am getting nervous. Am I asking too much to ask for it taken apart so I can actually fit it into my car?

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