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Cranky about the sponsored shopping ad (again)

I was previously cranky about Jez peddling a $110 shirt, and now I am grumpy once again since there's a similar shirt on the main page.

I'm not annoyed by the shirt itself (although I don't think this one is particularly cute, it's ok) and it's not even really the price since I suppose it's a quality item. It's just that it's not a deal! If someone were willing to pay $115 for the shirt, I'm almost certain they'd be equally willing to pay $125 for it. At that price, the influence of the extra ten bucks is pretty negligible.


I just wish when they put up their sponsored mainpage posts, they would A) select things at various price points rather than consistently hitting the $110-$180 range and B) offer up an actual deal!

This has been your monthly Kookaburracho-unnecessarily-points-out-that-the-mainpage-shopping-deal-isn't-much-of-a-deal post. See you back here in mid-December.

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