Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In which I am a petty, cranky bitch.

1) People, if there are baked goods with a cover, such as plastic wrap on them, please replace the cover after you remove your baked goods. It is there for a reason...those delicious cinnamon rolls whose softness you delight in? They become a whole lot less fucking soft when you fucking leave the cover off.

2) I know I’ve complained about this before, but that is because it keeps happening! Listen, I know you think you are a hero in your own mind because you stopped the microwave with 1 second left! Now, please be a hero in my mind and fucking clear it! Otherwise, I have to clear it and then enter my time. I know it is a tiny thing, but if you are going to send out an email about how it is “unacceptable” that someone left their oatmeal bowl soaking overnight, then please clear the microwave panel.


3) In which I am petty....Even with those complaints, my office. A couple of us started doing a crossword puzzle on Friday. Two or three of us and it was great fun. But, other people want in on the fun. But, now it is no longer fun for me, because today there were 6 people crammed around it. That is too many people for a crossword! Two or three people could chat, discuss answers, working on different sections of the puzzle. Six people is just a bunch of people trying to see clues, working over each other, etc. And, some of the people are really bad at them. So, I just walked away. Now, I’m mad at myself, because nobody forced me out, I totally did it to myself. But, also mad at them for just taking away this thing that was “mine”, and not even caring that they’ve shoved me out of it.

Anybody else got some complaints! Valid complaints welcome and I won’t judge you for being petty!

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