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Cranky Sunday-OT

I hate fighting with my mom.... But, I really really feel like apologizing or letting it go yet. I’m visiting my parents for the weekend and my mom saw of Facebook somebody we know got engaged, and instead of saying “Oh, did you seeSo-and-so got engaged. Good for her .” It was “Did you see So-and-so got engaged. Even she can find somebody and there you are.... “. I finally snapped and asked her to please stop pointing out how single I am.... I am fully and painfully aware of it. But everytime I visit I have to hear how people are engaged or getting married or having kids, “and there you are...”.

She doesn’t mean it in a cruel way, more of a teasing way, but it is getting tiresome. I don't think she completely realizes how often she does it.

I know I was in the wrong somewhat for snapping at her like I did instead of calmly along her to stop. But, I hate being treated like a bad guy for asking her to stop continuously pointing out something painful to me. Can’t she just be happy for these other people without unfavorably comparing me to them?


Fortunately it will all blow over soon, she’ll just attribute it to me being cranky (which unfortunately means she’ll probably not think about the request going into the future). But, right now the tension sucks.

On the bright side, I have good coffee (with salted caramel creamer) and cuddly dogs. So, it could be worse.

So how is your Sunday going?

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